How to enjoy PJ Malaysia?

If you are wondering what PJ stands for, it’s Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. Locals prefer using “PJ” to refer to Petaling Jaya. It is one of the most visited cities in Malaysia. There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy yourself even looking for a Florist in Petaling Jaya Malaysia. Here’s how to just enjoy PJ Malaysia.

Tourist sites


hqdefault-25PJ Malaysia has a lot of tourist spots that you can visit. Kids would enjoy going to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, even kids at heart would love it. You can visit and pay respects to the Thai Buddhist temple called The Thai Chetawan Temple or Wat Chetawan. You can indulge the artist in you in Shalini Ganendra Fine Art. Your nightlife can also be interesting if you start it with head to Malt & Leaf then continue the fun by heading to Mandolin Bar.

Delicious food


Every city has its delicious food. The good thing about food in Malaysia is it’s all affordable. If you want a taste of Japanese, try out Ichiro Sushi Bar and Marufuku Udon. Seafood would be just great in Tropicana Ebi Fishing. If you’ve been used to eating burgers, then you would enjoy my burger lab. Fine-dining is also matched with the delicious menu in BGT Lakeview. Your food trip won’t be complete without tasting nasi lemak in Village Park.11251340464_9a151a84a2_b

Flowers blooming


On your journey, try getting time to take a break and appreciate nature. Find a Florist in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Watch the flowers blooming around you. Immerse in nature at Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM). You can also enjoy a jungle adventure for nature lovers in FRIM. The Secret Garden Utama would be a place to appreciate nature further around you.

Outdoor sports


For people who love outdoors, you can have it in PJ. There are great water sports that you can try out. Joggers would be at Taman Aman Jogging Park. Golf is a light outdoor activity that you can find at Saujana Golf & Country Club or Kelab Golf Seri Selangor. Then you can go intense with Stand-up paddleboarding. Enjoying water sports is also a must try. You can do surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. There is also a game and entertainment centers for your kids.

Shop nonstop


The best part of a trip boils down to shopping. You can shop nonstop. Paradigm mall is a favorite place for shopping. Finding food to eat while shopping won’t be a problem at Citta Mall. The curve has good shops to buy some souvenirs. Many people would always head to Utama Shopping Centre as the number one place to go shopping with its vast space.

Enjoying PJ, Malaysia is just easy like looking for a Florist in Petaling Jaya Malaysia. Enjoy the flowers blooming to set your mood. There are great tourist sites for you and your family. You will find affordable food everywhere, and it’s all delicious. Then go all out with outdoor sports. Shop nonstop before you catch a flight home.

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