Five handbag styles which are essential in a woman’s wardrobe

For any Malaysian woman, handbags are a thing they carry around all the time. Malaysian women’s handbags contain everything that they need, which includes their phone, wallet, makeup and more. Handbags are something that need to be carried every day for the woman to be prepared for anything. Forget about diamonds; Handbags are a woman’s real best friend. It is essential articles any woman’s arsenal of accessories.

If you are thinking of buying a handbag, you can save a lot more money by buying a Malaysia handbag online. Most online stores in Malaysia will carry more styles and types of handbags, so you have more choices to buy. Handbags that are sold online also may be discounted too, so choosing to buy handbags online in Malaysia can be a wise money-saving fashion tip.

With that aside, there are different handbag styles that can be worn by women. Depending on your personal style, preferences, or the occasion you are adding, the bag style you choose will change. Here are 5 of the most popular handbag styles for women from milktee.

1. Clutch

A clutch is a small hand carried bag that can fit in the palm of your hand. Clutches are popular handbags because they are so small and easy to carry. Clutches can be worn at dinner events because you do not have to carry around a large bag, plus a clutch will look elegant with any gown.
A clutch can also be worn during the day as a casual handbag, these kinds of handbags are perfect for women who want a small, easy to carry bag with them at all times.

2. Tote

The classic women’s handbags, totes are the perfect choice for a casual day out kind of handbag. You can easily put things inside a tote because this kind of handbag has a large compartment, which can fit a lot of things. If you are a busy woman, then a tote could be the perfect handbag for you. You could easily fit your wallet, makeup, phone, and other important things, inside a tote.

3. Weekender

Going to the gym? Maybe a weekender bag would be the best kind of bag to bring. Whether you are going to the gym, spa or having a weekend off at a getaway location, you can use a large weekender bag to fit all of your things. These kinds of bags are perfect because they can fit a change of clothes and them some.

4. Satchel

A more structured alternative to a tote, a satchel can be a good choice if you want a medium sized handbag that looks elegant. Satchels also come with a lot of pockets so that you can fit a lot of things inside them too.

5. Shoulder bag

Need a handbag that is compact but not too small. A shoulder bag is the perfect combination of size and utility. It is slightly bigger than a clutch while allowing more things to fit inside of it.

There you have it, 5 of the most popular handbags for women. Do not forget to shop online for handbags to find these kinds of bags.

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